About factory

About factory

Maryanivskiy glass-house Open Corporation

Maryanivskiy glass-house Open Corporation is the first and the only enterprise operating in Ukraine, which produces wares from glass of brand of OS for pharmaceutical production.

In year 2000 Maryanivskiy glass-house marked its 300 birthday.

Besides of local citizens, craftsmen from Poland, Czech Republic and France took part in the construction of Maryanivska glass mass and its further exploitation.

In years of World War II the plant was completely destroyed.

Its reconstruction was started in January 1944, and already the issue of products began in June of the same year.

For years the craftsmen dynasties were formed on the production. The difficult handicraft was passed from father to son, the craftsmen skill had been raising.

In 1997 the plant was formed into Open Corporation.

Yan Private Enterprise is the strategic stockholder and the general distributor of Maryanivskiy glass-house Open Corporation.

The conception of capital made a high-quality promotion of a management level, technical and economical services of the factory, as well as a full elimination of the exchange and a regulation of supply and sale.

In 2004-2005 owing to collaboration of the stockholders and the board of directors, the regular reconstruction of the production was made. During it the new glass producing stove # 2 was constructed on a modern project. The new charge composing area with an automatic management which has modern dosage equipment was also constructed. Automatic glass making production line was changed by the production line with an electronic management.

For now Maryanivskiy glass-house Open Corporation is the production that shows the best correlation with international standards from efficiency of preproduction, level of labor protection, quality of products, training of personnel.

An enterprise is able to satisfy the most whimsical requirements of users in chemist tableware made of light protected glass of OS brand, a complex is put in an operation from a production of glassware for medical, perfume and cosmeticology that are made of high quality white glass.

Co-operation with us will give you:

  • quality guarantee;
  • high speed in performing the order;
  • acquisition of wares by corks, lids, droppers;
  • the help in development or design creation of exclusive wares;
  • advantageous correlation of price and quality;
  • individual going and attention near every client.

We offer to become partners! We will take into account all Your wishes, suggestions and reviews.